• The Dover Foundation Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship. These scholarships are awarded based on class rank, academic achievements, leadership and activities.
  • A total of twelve Dover Foundation Scholarships are awarded each year to students that attend Burns, Crest, Kings Mountain, or Shelby High Schools.
  • Of the twelve scholarships awarded each year, four are for seniors that have been accepted at Gardner-Webb University, and eight are for seniors that have been accepted at any other accredited college or university.
  • The application is only available through the senior counselors at Burns, Crest, King Mountain, and Shelby High Schools.
  • The student must complete the application by the deadline set by their high school’s senior counselor.
  • The completed application includes the applicant’s official high school transcript, a 500-word essay, and two letters of character reference, one letter from school personnel and one from a community contact.
  • The Dover Foundation Scholarship Selection Committee operates independently from the Dover Foundation Board of Directors.

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